Holding Company

Sunbase International Properties Management Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunbase International (Holdings) Ltd. Based on abundant capital, Sunbase International (Holdings) Ltd. has established a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures, and has invested over 10 billion HKD in various industries, such as energy, transportation, biotechnology, finance, real estate, property management, media, biochemical technology and so on . Sunbase International (Holdings) Ltd. has extended its business in many provinces of mainland China as well as other countries around the globe, becoming a large international diversified investment financial group.

Property Management Business

Sunbase International Properties Management Ltd. is one of the most renowned property management companies in Hong Kong. The company’s current portfolio includes military estates, properties of Central Government Offices in HK, large residential public housing estates, shopping centres, commercial business buildings, office building, tertiary institution campus. Our one-stop property and facilities management services cover security, cleansing, landscaping, building maintenance, energy saving, financial Management and consultancy services.

Main Clients

With our professional teams and well-trained technical talents, Sunbase International Properties Management Ltd. has built up reputation in the industry. Our clients are diverse, including the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government, Hong Kong Branch of Xinhua News Agency, China Development Bank, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Vocational Training Council, Housing Society, the Peoples’ Liberation Army of Hong Kong Force, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Home Affairs Department, Urban Renewal Authority, HK Jockey Club, Mass Transit Railway Corporation, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited, Colleges, Universities and owner of other public and private properties.


We are providing services for Mormonism Church at Kowloon East, Hong Kong

Professional Teams and Technical Talents

Our company had been elected the President of The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies (HKAPMC) for 2015-2017. Our Managing Director, Mr. Andrew Lee, had been appointed the Chairman of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Hong Kong Board (RICS) for 2014-2016. Those are the recognition of our status in the industry.

We have strong professional teams and technical talents - more than 2,300 staff member, including over 100 qualified staff comprised of registered architects, registered engineers, chartered surveyors, professional property and facility managers, housing managers, safety officer, registered electrical workers and so on.

Sunbase is one of the Hong Kong property management companies managing the largest service area. Apart from property and facility management, cleaning, gardening, security, maintenance and rental management services, we also provide a series of valuable and professional regular property facilities management services, including facilities planning, financial management and budgeting, cost control, interior design, office and environment improvement, new construction/ alteration project, acquisition and redevelopment of aged buildings, building maintenance and major renovation, installation and maintenance of security system, energy auditing, conservation and carbon emission reduction, design of building management system, 24-hour emergency repairing and supporting and so on. Sunbase has become one of the most reliable management companies in Hong Kong.

Many of our caliber staff are tri-lingual, fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin and can communicate effectively with all international  clients and visitors. We are aware that adequate communication skill can enhance effective communication and avoid misunderstanding.

Wealth of Experience

 We also have had previous valuable experience in protecting and managing Government premises like Police Headquarters, Auxiliary Police Headquarters, Ex Chief Executives’ Office, Residence of the Military Commanding Officer, Home Affairs Department’s Community Centre and Vocational Training Council’s Hong Kong Design Institute and Technological and Higher Institute of Hong Kong.

We have been assisting the client / landowner to organize summer camp and study tour for Primary and Secondary School Children to visit our sites. We have full confidence to assist the educational organization in the arrangement of the study tours.

We are also well experienced in crowd management and VIP reception arrangements as we have gained such experience in the past, including the control of crowd in Lunar New Year Eve in Victoria Park and reception of high ranking officials and members of the royalty. This duty may involve expertise in security, logistics, additional manpower, coordinating with the local Police, etc. In any case, we can at any time pour our manpower to manage any events and tackle emergencies. 

Quality Assurance – Reliable Track Record

As one of the first Hong Kong property management companies successfully awarded ISO 9001:2000 certificate in the 90s, Sunbase had been awarded a number of professional quality assurance procedure certificate, including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 10002:2004, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Sunbase has no record on being re-entered by client or other contractor since the commencement of business in 1997. There is zero fault record and all the performance bonds were fully returned to local redeemed by us upon the expiry of contract term.