Sunbase International Properties Management Limited 

Properties Management

Property management services for various kinds of properties in Sunbase is providing professional and comprehensive Hong Kong, including property and facility management, cleaning, gardening and landscaping, environmental management, security, financial management, repair and maintenance, construction project management and consultancy, building alteration/addition, property valuation, acquisition and investment consultancy, etc.

Sunbase has the most efficient technical teams in the industry, including Registered Architects, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Registered Engineers, Chartered Surveyors, Accountants, Properties and Facilities Management Professionals, Housing Managers, Safety Officer, Registered Electrical Workers, Security Staff, Cleaning Surveyors and so on.

We provide diverse professional services to our clients. Our major clients include: Chinese People's Liberation Army, Hong Kong Government departments, owner of commercial buildings, shopping malls, industrial buildings and facilities, serviced residences, private housing estates, large Public Rental Housing estates, colleges and universities, swimming pools, gardens and parks, sports centers, libraries, Vocational Training Council, China Development Bank, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, etc.

Facility Management

Hong Kong Design Institute


Oxford Court, a private property at Mid-levels East


Building maintenance and renovation works


Property Evaluation and Acquisition

Our professional staff can provide various kinds of high-quality services to our clients, including statutory valuation, insurance valuation, acquisition and merger valuation, terms and conditions of the Crown lease, rates assessment, compensation for acquisition of private land, tenancy management, car park management, etc.

Up to now, we have successfully provided property development services for many private developers, for example, the acquisition of old buildings on the Eastern Street, Central and Western District, Hong Kong: we handled all of the procedures on behalf of the developer in this project, including acquisition of old buildings, demolition, construction and further development. It is obvious that our clients have full confidence in our one-stop service.