Sunbase Environmental Hygiene Limited 

Professional Teams

Sunbase Environmental Hygiene Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunbase International Properties Management Ltd. As a large company, we provide comprehensive high-quality apartment cleaning and landscaping service, including service residences, offices, shopping malls, interior cleaning, initial and deep cleaning, external wall cleaning, pest and rodent control and so on.

Quality Assurance

Leveraging on our professionalism, we have already earned a high reputation and territory-wide recognition in the industry. We have engaged more than 600 cleansing workers and more than 100 landscaping staff providing quality and cost-effective services for our clients every day. They all have at least three years relevant working experience. Some of them even have more than ten to twenty years of working experience in cleaning and landscaping service. These staff are all well-trained before and during their employment to obtain relevant statutory qualifications, so as to meet our clients’ increasing inspiration and the latest bench marking best practice in the industry. While ensuring we are protecting our client’s greatest interests, we are committed to minimize our operational cost, in order to maximize the overall benefits and make a win-win situation between our client and our company. We also continuously invest to purchase advanced appliances and equipment, such as high-efficient carpet washing machine, high pressure water jets and so on, so as to achieve sustainable improvement.

Professional Service

To be conversant with the prevalent various diseases, we not only provide reliable environmental hygiene service but also strictly follow the professional hygiene guidance laid down and promoted by the government. We continuously bring in the latest cleaning technology and material to protect the residents’ health and keep the surrounding environment clean and comfortable.

                  Large cleansing exercise conducted by our workers

  Special squad to conduct disinfection services and prevent contamination


Landscaping Service

Our landscaping service team has strong professional expertise. We have more than 100 landscaping staff equipped with advanced gardening machinery and equipment, including large-scale brush cutter, lawn mower, special vehicles and other equipment imported from overseas. We are reputable for landscaping, designing and planting turf soccer pitch, floriculture and so on. We have our own flowerbed and nourish center that can provide flowers of the season for decoration purpose to our clients. We are now providing service to the lawn and courtyards with a total surface area over 100 hectares.

We implement high-level standard landscaping service: Landscaped areas shall be maintained to a high level of cleanliness and healthy, visual and aesthetic appeal, length of plants, materials, prevention of pests and diseases, daily watering, periodic trimming, cutting, pruning, moving, maturing, fertilizing, replanting, removal of weeds, etc. Potted plants shall be maintained to a high degree of freshness and health by periodic rotation, watering, maturing, etc.

                                                 Professional Landscaping Service provided by Sunbase


                 Well-equipped Landscape Team