Sunbase Engineering & Consultancy Limited 

Strong and Efficient Professional Technical Teams

We have hired more than 200 full-time professional and qualified technical staff from various disciplines, providing diverse service from office decoration to building alteration/addition to various clients such as government departments, financial corporations, news media, religious organization, church, military forces and private building owners.

We are registered under the Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings that join the Buildings Energy Efficiency Funding Scheme. We are also one of the qualified service providers registered by the Carbon Reduction Certificates Scheme that can conduct energy-cum-carbon audits (ECAs) for our clients.

Sunbase was chosen as the contractor of many well-known international corporations. For example, we are the contractor of China Development Bank in 2008 to provide design and renovation works for its over 20000 square feet office area in the International Finance Centre, including transaction system, telephone recording system, UPS and computer rooms.

Professional and Diversified Engineering Consultancy Service

Our talented teams are committed to make Sunbase the one-stop specialist services provider, so that we can provide professional and diversified service to our clients, including:


Solar Panel System


Our experienced professional service teams work closely with our clients to provide high-efficiency and high-quality service in the long-term.

Sunbase is now carrying out many engineering consultancy service and constructing, alteration and repairing works, including the following corporate clients:



Renovation works for Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch


Renovation works for Oxford Court


Fitting-out works for China Development Bank


Superstructure construction for Latter Day Saint movement’s church at Dorset Crescent, Kowloon Tong


Addition and alteration works for Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl)


Construction Works

Sunbase’s construction works are carried out by experts and professionals from relevant field. We can provide construction, consultancy and decoration works to our clients, including:

Construction and Architectural Works

Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification (PITC) for Fixed Electrical Installations

Sunbase has successfully completed the following construction/engineering/maintenance works:


Installation and replacement of smart energy-saving lights for Hong Kong Parkview